Candle Lanterns

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You can create a cozy atmosphere, set the mood at home or intensify the shimmering effect of a well-illuminated candle by artfully scattering some of our charming and beautiful lanterns suitable for any occasion.

We are passionate about providing you with top quality candle lanterns that are perfect decorative items, center pieces or garden accessories. We are proud of the sheer variety of traditional and contemporary candle lanterns that are available on offer.

We have a range of lanterns to choose from, including glass, bamboo, stainless steel, rustic metals and some different colored lanterns that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We’ve got hanging and free-standing lanterns to cater to large candles and tiny tea lights. Line a garden path with our lanterns or hook some on your tree branches for some beautiful illumination and decor. You may also consider placing one on your dining table or gifting one to a loved one.

Our lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and cater to the needs of all from small urban spaces to large and lavish spaces. All our candle lanterns have wide and stable bases that help prevent inadvertent troubles.

Shop Star lanterns for Christmas lighting and which suits just right beside your christmas tree decoration. Perfect gift for christmas to your friends, neighbours or relatives to decorate the christmas tree at home. Moroccan Lanterns are great christmas gift as they make your aunt's house perfect this christmas with special colors like red, yellow, blue to hang around christmas tree and outdoor decor. Wall hanging candle holders bring special stunning look to the walls of your uncle or grand parents house during 2014 christmas to light up the special moments. Huge collection of trending christmas lighting decorative ideas to your uncle, cousin, friend, grand parents. Place an order to avail free or expedited shipping on handmade brass metal decorations.