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The planters can be used for decorating your outdoor in many places, by placing a cute plant in your front porch, outdoor party, for a wedding reception or for any other event. These planters are made up of iron sheet with acid wash finish, which lasts longer and easy to maintain. The planters are available in various shapes & types like bucket, trough bucket, tapered bucket, tall round planter, triangular planter, heart planter, cube planter, hexagonal planter, round tub planter, tall vase planter and oval round tub planter. Some planters are fixed with wood handles for smooth handling and others without wood handles which help in moving the planters easily..

These galvanized bucket or tubs has a robust design and varies with dimension starting from 8 inches to 20 inches and weight ranging from 0.8 Kgs upto 2.1 Kgs. Planting by the means of these galvanized buckets would be one of the most easiest way to move in and around the house or elsewhere. These planters are offered at a very reasonable price.

These planters are suitable for all kinds of plants, shoots and short trees, which gives a pleasant atmosphere to your outdoor garden. The planter is trendy and classic, which is a must-have in all homes where gardening is enjoyed in full swing.