Sparkle Teardrop Keepsake Urn

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Product Features

  • » Teardrop Homemade Urn made of Metal
  • » Volume: Upto 4 Cubic Inches
  • » Opening: Secure Bottom Opening
  • » Size (Inches): 3" Height
  • » Weight: 0.47 kg (Approx)
  • » Free Velvet Box.  Free Velvet box comes in either Blue or Red
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Product Details

SKU ED-0204-TK

Material Brass

Weight 0.47 kg (Approx)

Finish Brown with mirror mosaic

Volume Upto 4 Cubic Inches

Opening Secure Bottom Opening

Dimensions (Inches) 3" Height (Approx)

Product Description

The urn is a wonderful way to enshrine the ashes of your loved one. Symbolically shaped like a teardrop, it speaks volumes about your attachment, love and memories to your special one. Made out of brass, which is the traditional material used.

The sparkle finish on the black body makes it look beautiful as well as classy. It is one of the most wonderful ways to show your love to the soul .One can use it to enshrine the ashes of a dear one, partially after the majority is buried or scattered. It is like keeping the person close to you even after the death.

The keepsake is designed with much love and reverence so that it is just as beautiful as the memories you are holding inside it. You can keep it anywhere in the house so that everyone can remember the person with love. The sparkle finish symbolizes the joy that the person has bought to your life. It also symbolizes the sparkle of the soul of loved one.

The urn is simply not a keepsake; it is also a work of art. We provide 100% customer satisfaction and deliver the urn to your door step. We also assure refund for any unused urns.

Dimensions: Height 3" inches

Weight:  0.47 kg (Approx.)

Volume: Up to 4 Cubic Inches( Approx. 4 teaspoons)

Cleaning Instructions: Light dusting is enough to keep the product clean and do not use any liquids or chemicals for cleaning.

Capacity: A token amount of cremains not for full ashes

Free Velvet box .


Handmade items are rarely less accurate with colour span and edges. Handmade items are unique, artistic and available in exclusive designs.


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Sparkle Teardrop Keepsake Urn

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