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Adult Cremation Urns

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ElegantDecors brings you Adult Urns or Adult Cremation Urns that are used to store Cremation of the funeralized and they come up in different sizes and storage capacity.

Capacity of an Adult Urn

With an average height of the Adult Cremation Urns being 10" and an average weight of the Urn is 2.1 Kg that are available in ElegantDecors. The Urns can store a total to an average of 200 Cubic inches amount of ashes, which determines the weight of the body up to 90 Kg or 200 Lbs and leaves little amount of space in it. The Cremation Urns can be stored in home, Columbarium or buried in garden as per the requirement of the family. The use of metal Urns are been common now a days as the people move towards the security of the Urn, concern on the cremated and long lasting nature of the metal Urn. The metal urns are mostly designed of solid brass and sometimes usage of different metals that make the urn glow or even shine.

Wide Ranges in Elegant Decors

ElegantDecors presents you a wide range of Cremation Urns that include Adult Urn as a part of rest of the Funeral Urns and they come up with huge collection of unique design and colors that are been made by the skilled artisans who are specialized in making Cremation urns. They are brought in front of you by ElegantDecors with wide variety of designs, sizes and shapes as per the requirement of the purchaser's. The urns are opened through secured opening threaded lid on the top of the urn.

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