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Cremation Urns

ElegantDecors brings you wide ranges of Ceremonial Urns that are intended to store or decorate in home or at the Columbarium (were the Cremation Urns are stored of many with iches around each Urn and decorated with scripts for the deceased).

Types that we Present

The Cremation Urns are in huge variety and made of wood, glass, soil and metal urns. Cremation Urns are in different forms were we provide metal urns made of solid Brass and there are different types of urns that come up with Adult Urns or Adult Cremation Urns, Pet Urns or Pet Cremation Urns, Keepsake Urns or Keepsake Cremation urns or Mini urns and Child Urns or Child Cremation Urns.

The Usage as per the Requirement

Were as each individual Urn is used depending on the requirement of the purchaser. Keepsake Urn or Keepsake Cremation Urn or Mini urn that are used for every means of ashes that can store a minimal token of ashes in it and can be bought in multiple to give away or share the last remains of the ashes with the known one of Cremated family or friends of the funeralized. The Cremation urns can be used for storing in the house to make the presence of the deceased alive in front of them, can be buried in the garden or at the burial and even be scattered in water or in soil.

Look at ElegantDecors

The Urns that are present in the ElegantDecors are specially designed and hand crafted by skilled artisans with wide range of selecting options that are brought to you through online purchase. Please walk through our wide range of collection for home decoration that could grab your attention and make surroundings of the urn more attractive.