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Keepsake Cremation Urns

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The Elegant Decor presents you with Keepsake Urns or Keepsake cremation urns that be brought in multiple quantities which can be distributed among the loved and favored ones of the Cremated. These Urns are also called as Mini Urns as per their size and the amount of ash they carry or hold in them.

Share Love among the Loved Ones

The love towards the cremated can be shown by holding token amount of ashes in Mini Keepsake urn and can be given to your loved ones or the lovable of deceased. The family of the cremated can organize ashes in Keepsake Cremation Urns or Mini Urns as per the requirement and design that could be selected with hand written text for the loved ones as their last words to the family and friends.

The urns can be distributed among family members and friends who took care of the deceased. The Keepsake urns or Keepsake Cremation urns are brought to the purchaser by Elegant Decors in different ways that can be used to store the ashes for adult, children or even pets.

Select as per your Measure of Requirement

The wide range of availability on keepsake urns are show up in various designs, size, volume and shape. The Mini Keepsake Urn can vary to an average height of 3” inches and 3 cubic inches volume of carry space in it, to store ashes of the cremated.

What Drags you into ElegantDecors?

The mini urns are made of solid brass and added rich texture of design by skilled artisans with uniqueness in each Keepsake Urn. There are different types of urns that are shaped in vase structure, star urn, teardrop urn and heart shaped urn with stand. Choosing one from ElegantDecors brings happiness to one that has brought something to remember the absence of deceased. So ElegantDecors brings you urns for Pets to store the remains and memories of the pets to put them in front of you.

Benefits of Shopping with ElegantDecors:

The Mini keepsake urn is brought in multiples to celebrate the love of the cremated by sharing the minimal amount of ashes with the loved ones of the cremated as the gift of presence and remembrance to cremate. Grab the best of what suits the nature of the Deceased from Elegant Decors Keepsake Cremation Urns. We provide a wide variety of discounts and economical prices on the Urns.