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Terms and Conditions

www.elegantdecors.co.uk is possessed and managed by Elegantdecors.co.uk. We request our customers to read our terms and conditions carefully. We assume that when a customer places and order with us, or makes use of our service; he abides by our terms and conditions. The content on this website isn’t monitored on a daily basis. Elegantdecors.co.uk is not legally responsible for any loss incurred by our customer through this website.


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Data Privacy

As website owners, we possess our customer’s personal data and information. We are honored to keep our customers informed about the new products and services and the attention-grabbing offers our website offers. Our area unit centre is committed to protect your privacy and shield all the data you store with us. Our online cookies unit gathers all the relevant data and determines to enhance your online expertise through our website.


We don’t claim any silent or expressed picture or any type of warrantee related to the information uploaded on this website. We take no guarantee that this website is error or disturbance free. We are not liable for any losses or faults incurred from this website. We do not take the responsibility of any viruses or faults that arise as a result of using this website.

As stated and sanctioned by the law, we are not held liable for any damage or losses suffered by the user through this website; or any inability in using this website; or as repercussions to the knowledge transferred to Elegantdecors.co.uk. Unless not stated by the law, www.elegantdecors.co.uk does not take any responsibility of the losses, gain, consignments, chance or fame; or any direct or indirect loss born by the user of this website.

Elegantdecors.co.uk does not take any credit of the external links broadcast on this website. These are broadcast for data functions and the user is at their own jeopardy to mistreat the link. The privacy policy of this website doesn’t seem to support the content and terms of this website.


We offer various shipping choices to our customer and the shipping estimate is based on the furnished details of your order and other data such as the weight of the product. We ship all orders across all places unless any destination that does not fall under our coverage area.


Elegantdecors.co.uk does not accept any product returns unless any error occurs in personalizing the item our customer demands. We promise to fix the product as per the customers need and satisfaction.

We double check all merchandise we ship. However, if any mistake occurs or the item is damaged, our client care unit is ready to serve its clients at any hour of the day. We encourage you file a harm claim with USA; and in case there is a holdup in reaching USA and lodging the claim, we assume the harm is our customer’s responsibility.

We entitle our customers to return the un-used product to us in new condition. In this case, we return the amount within a fortnight of receiving the product. In case our customer receives a defective product, and for other such mistakes from our end; we re-credit the amount plus the shipping charges within thirty days time since it involves taking care of refund amount and bank transactions.